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At first, Chuck Bass was a guy who always played tricks but I liked the character. He brought out a lot of fun in me. The more I understood the character, the more I felt that, oh, here’s a beating heart! It didn’t know how to beat because it had been forgotten. The challenge was for me to act out how he gradually finds the way to his beating heart.” - Ed Westwick

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Ed Westwick | New Promo for Last Flight [x]

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Vote for Chair Week 3 Prompts 

You may select 7, as we will be needing one per day during chair week. 

Share this as vote quickly, as polls will be closing at 10pm EST tonight to allow people time to fulfill the prompts.

Chair Week #3 will run fromMarch 22-March 28, 2014.

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Hey Ed Westwick fans! 

I’m looking for some co-webmisses to help me run Ed-WestwickWorld.net.

Please message or tweet me if you’re interested!

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EL on set, GG s5 #2

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